Friday, July 29, 2011

the sea in between

next week we'll be heading out to mayne island, BC with twelve of the folks from mason jar (who accompanied/produced josh in "words remain", and composed/produced three songs on josh's new album, including "white owl") for the filming of the documentary "the sea in between".  our friend jay kirkpatrick will be meeting us there from indiana.  this began as an opportunity (funded by the kind & generous johnson family) for josh & mason jar to collaborate once again in composition & performance--some new music videos filmed in a remote idyllic location.  but now, in addition to these song performances, mason jar will be making a documentary.  the videographer, andrew, will be meeting up with us here in portland a few days prior, & will drive with our family up the coast & out to the island.  the kids have their passports, & we're ready for this little adventure!

though tickets are being covered, along with lodging & food, by our hosts, mason jar will still have some expenses to cover in renting & transporting equipment, as well as post-production costs.  if you'd like to contribute to this project, please do so now, right here!

i, michelle, will be documenting our time on mayne island through images, posting them here on josh's blog.  check back soon!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

5 Questions with Noisetrade

Derek Webb and the folks at Noisetrade have been kind enough to help promote my album "Love & War & The Sea In Between" through their "tip based" music download site.  I initially made the album available through Noisetrade thinking it would just be another supplementary venue to make my work available for free.  What I didn't anticipate was the listener response and interaction that Noisetrade had been curating long before I ever arrived.  With over 18,000 downloads through the Noisetrade site alone, I have a newfound respect for their approach and values.  Recently they asked me 5 thoughtful questions, and they've since posted the interview on their blog.  You can read the full interview in full HERE.