Friday, August 20, 2010

"Ulysses" - Filming in NYC: Part 1

I'm learning more and more that one of the great joys of making art is the unexpected intersection and collaboration that happens with other people along the way. Case in point, some time ago I was given an exciting proposition by way of email from a stranger living in New York City. His name was Jon, and he was in the midst of starting a production company with a whole band of composers, engineers, instrumentalists, cinematographers, etc. etc., and "would you like to come to New York and do a live recording, in a cathedral, in Manhattan, with an eighteen-piece symphony?" All I had to do was cover my own flight. Hmmm, let me think.

Last month I made the trip from Portland to New York, trusting that the time and resources used would prove to be worthwhile, both for myself and for those hosting me on the other side of the country. Upon arriving in the evening I navigated my way up to Harlem by way of taxi and subway (this is still a novel experience for a kid who's never lived in a "big" city). My final destination was an old row house where Jon and the chief cinematographer Andrew welcomed me.

The next day, before heading to the cathedral to begin our full-scale production, we set up a little recording rig in their backyard in Harlem and did a one-take recording of a new song of mine called "Ulysses". Stay tuned, for next month I'll continue the story of my time in NYC, along with the final footage of our production in the cathedral. I can tell you it was "magical", though. For now, here's a "leak" from my new album. Presenting "Ulysses"...

Also, here's a riveting number by Leah Siegel, performing with the same production company in the same cathedral where my piece was recorded. This will give you a taste of what's to come next month.


The Worker Bee said...

Wonderful post. Thank you, Josh. Leah is fantastic, thought I was listening to Jeff Buckley there for a minute. I wonder if he was an influence, lol. God Bless You my brother.

mch said...

what a great news to be on a project like that!
and with ulyses... wow! i don't find the words to describe it, but i know you'll understand the greatness of your song and your outdoor interpretation if i write you that you just made me cry!