Sunday, August 21, 2011

film shoot : sailor's waltz

a natural driftwood stage with the rising tide at golden afternoon, with all of us joining in on the "la-da-das" (shepherd & heron, mike & marti, the johnson family, & others from the mayne island community)... goodness.  every one of these video scenes has been spectacular!  georgia, jon, dan, katrina, & andrew, you did an amazing job scouting out these spots!

(i was keeping close tabs on sheppy & heron for this one, so they wouldn't knock over mic stands & what not, so i didn't get many pictures.  if any of the photographers can fill in some gaps of musicians or the general scene, send me a photo or two, & i'll add them here)

: russel on fiddle :

: chad on clarinet, dan setting up sound :

: char on cello :

: here's a little iphone video of a practice session :

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