Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Divine Madness

There is a beautiful reality that can make what's been mistaken as a predictable life, into one infinitely interesting and mysterious. This ancient truth is that we do not inhabit a closed box of time and space.  Meaning, contrary to the dominant, modern western worldview, there is in fact an unseen dimension/being that is found outside of our space and time. It lies beyond the looking glass, and beyond our ability to fully understand, exactly measure, or fit neatly into a framework of reason or limited perception.  We constantly here echoes from that place, calling us to listen, investigate, and to believe without material evidence.  To follow, we must unlearn the engrained belief, that all things can be made well by the human attempt to systematically dissect, categorize, and control.  We need the spiritual, the supernatural, and a the divine intervention of something greater than ourselves to break through, from within, and without.  Daily.  
Before Aristotle solidified the worship of human reason as the highest measure of exhistence , Morton Kelsey writes, "Plato believed that besides reason and sense experience, there was another way of knowing.  He called it, "Divine Madness" and differentiated four forms of it: prophecy, healing (cleansing), artistic madness, and the madness of love.  
"A version of the third form of "Divine Madness", artistic madness, is still practiced among Navaho medicine men.  The medicine man goes to the sick person and makes a sand painting representing harmony and wholeness.  The wholeness of the painting then influences the soul of the patient, takes control over it, and heals it.  The beautiful icons, paintings, and architecture of the Orthodox Eastern Church emerged from a similar way of thinking.  The Church in Orthodox thinking is the vestibule of heaven.  Upon entering the church, one comes into contact with the heavenly because of the artistic perfection."
"The fourth type of "Divine Madness" wast the greatest of all - the madness of love.  It is through love that we connect to what is deepest and most meaningful in our lives."
"Plato's "Divine Madness" has parallels in the New Testament.  Not only do we find prophecy and extra-sensory perception, but we also discover that healings account for 20 percent of Jesus' activity.  One of the reasons why modern Christians do not understand Jesus is that they think of Him as a university professor of ethics rather than a shaman." - Morton Kelsey, from his book "Dreams: A Way to Listen to God".  Drawing by Albrecht Durer.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff :) "We constantly hear echoes from that place" made me think of CS Lewis

Anonymous said...

Wow, and I thought your songs ripped into my soul . . .

As my own journey of emerging as an artist, I cling to the thought of divine artistic madness. Oh Lord, let it be ... in my life, in my heart, in my expression, through my hands. Amen.

Anonymous said...

I think it's interesting to compare Jesus to the 'shaman' instead of an ethics professor. I totally think that we need to see Jesus as dynamic and relevant, and POWERFUL! After checking out the book "Dreams: a Way to Listen to God" on Google Books, it seemed shady...

For anyone who thinks to check out the book for yourself, read 1 John 4:1, and approach the book carefully. I'm not dictating what you should do, but just a caution. josh, it's a cool thought, though.

Anonymous said...

a breath of fresh but intense air!!!

Nada Reda said...

Very good stuff. Been thinking about this for a while now, how we have elevated logic and reason over everything's sad.
But we just can't explain or understand God's existence.

Love your blog btw, keep writing! God bless :)

Love from Egypt!

journeyousglory said...

Wow, I've had this entry open in a notebook document for days now, occasionally coming back to it when I can: it catches me and pierces me with the truth of Beyond. Good stuff, especially the reminder right before the quote. Thanks for sharing, keep writing and sharing man, your music has and does impact me profoundly.

Jesus = THE Shaman