Sunday, August 21, 2011

film shoot : fire by night

midnight mossy woodland knoll.  felt like a dream.  (one of my favorite songs ever, now with images & memories to match)

(photo by sasha)

: set-up :

: char on cello :

: jkp on banjo :

: jason on drums :

: jon, production & sound :

: russel on mandolin :

: mossy floor :

: "that's a wrap!" :
(but none of us really wanted it to end)


Anonymous said...

My family (John, Lauren and Julia) had the honor and privilege of meeting you, your family and Mason Jar Music this summer on Mayne. It was a truly magical experience for them all. As I type, Julia is talking to one of her friends about the best summer of her life watching you all perform. You have touched us all, even me who didn't have the opportunity to meet you! Kathy

Scott Forbes said...

I became aware of your latest album about two weeks ago and have become (healthily) obsessed with it! Though Christian and having served as a worship leader several times in my life, I have never been a fan of Christian music because it seemed the music was just a vehicle to carry a message. Here I find an artist who produces rich, thick rhythmic music with a deep, honest message. Having eclectic musical taste (Bluegrass, contemporary acoustic, Peter Gabriel, The Beatles and others) I have found in your music the kind of intricate production value I long for backed by a message of the grace, love and struggle that only the Christian knows. Thanks, Josh and family.

Laura said...

Beautiful photos. My husband Joel and I were blessed to be able to have some dear friends watch our children, and make the drive down to Seattle from outside Vancouver, Canada to see Josh play. What a gift. It was such a beautiful performance, with such a rich message. We left feeling so incredibly blessed to have been there. God bless you all! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

Unknown said...

Hi :)
Do you know how I can get in contact with Josh Garrels? I would like to ask him something.