Tuesday, August 16, 2011

filming begins

filming has begun!  we're now on mayne island, in canada, filming "the sea in between".  part of the documentary project involved filming us at home in portland, and on our roadtrip + ferry trip out to the island.  so andrew ellis, head cinematographer, flew out three days early to be with us in our home, getting to know us, interviewing us, & filming our daily life.  we're such private people in a way, & certainly not accustomed to cameras, so it was difficult in a way, & strange, to be sure.  all our conflicts + kisses/diaper changes + morning devotions on film.  but andrew is really good at what he does; he set us at ease, & was able to capture some really beautiful moments on camera, that, outside of this documentary even, will be family treasures for a lifetime.

: andrew filming josh, heron doing what she does :

: these kids aren't shy with strangers :

after several days of being under the lens, josh & i snuck away for a friday night date with our friends the vanderpools.  we returned home, & (unexpectedly) it was my turn to be interviewed!  

: after three days of filming, we started the roadtrip :

: (the next day) breakfast on the ferry :

: filming at sea :

we have been on the island since sunday, scouting out locations for the shoots, getting to know the johnsons, waiting for the accompanying musicians to arrive (tomorrow) from new york (along with jay from indiana), & having a wee family vacation by the sea.  they'll film three songs each day for three days, then end with a performance of josh & the orchestra on sunday night--a concert for the small community of mayne island.  

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mdfugitives said...

Hi Michelle -

We're big fans of you and Josh, and have found your family to be very inspirational for our own! We've got one daughter who just made it to 10 months. I think if we could do anything, we'd be doing exactly what you all are doing.

Anyway, the reason for my comment is actually to ask about your photos - you seem to be quite the accomplished photographer! What "equipment" do you use? I'm just getting into film and am finding it to be so much cooler (not just in look and feel, but in fun factor, too) than the digital world I've been steeped in. Wondering what I should be keeping my eyes open for on Ebay...

Anyway, thanks for your time (of which I'm sure there's little)! If you're too busy to respond, I will most certainly understand. If you're wondering who in the world we are, just send me an email (go to our Blogger profile for our address) and I'll give you an invite to our photo blog and tell you more about us.

- Ryan Lynham