Wednesday, August 31, 2011

IN:5 Interview - Episode 1

Here's the first episode of a three part interview series with IN:5. Look for more in the coming months!


Pam Smith said...

Meant to say see Surfing Inside on Youtube. 1 - 5 Enjoy!

Loved the sincerity of your interview and thanks for coming to Mayne Island - it was a delight!

Jim Krill said...

Great stuff Josh.

Saw you play tonight at the Abbey in Santa Cruz. Put lot's of thoughts in motion. Thank you.

You see things that others do not see. You are prophetic - in a positive, uplifting way - like you are rooting for humanity to figure it out. I love that.

You're music has helped me more than you could know in the past few years. I met you tonight and wanted to tell you more of my story, but it's so hard at a concert (too many people, nerves, etc.) But I resonated with what you said about having friends who are getting divorced and falling away from the faith. My wife and I have had close friends who have walked away from each other, and it's heart breaking. And faith, for my wife and I, is something we are in the midst of redefining - not walking away, but trying to figure out. Your music is a beacon of hope in a deep frustration with the church and Christians.

Best of luck in all you do. Keep preaching the truth, brother. Even when it feels like no one is listening, there are a few who truly are.

God Bless you and your family.

- Jim Krill

Soraia said...

Congratulations for your work, it's beautiful! I've discovered you and you're music little time ago and I'm so happy for this. The lyrics are just great, you know... you have a great gift, you're voice is fantastic... Keep doing the good work, keep being the salt!

I pray that one day in my country (Brazil) we'll have people composing and singing in the same density as you do.

God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Hi --

Just discovered your music from my churches Youtube Channel -- *and* Your music is magnificent the honesty comes shining through. I hear scriptures truths set to: Scottish Highlander rhythms, Japanese war drums, techno, folk and the encouragement of Yeshua's laws. My son is interested in music study so when heard this song he cried. He rarely cries and is 17. I reminded him the greatest music is honest, universal, and will make you feel -- whether joy, tears, hope, courage. Thank you!

Blessings in Christ.

Shannon said...

I wanted to write to you and thank you for sharing your music. For being honest, vulnerable, and real.

I have experienced "broken love" due to the decision my father made to take his own life when I was a child. I have been dealing with and accepting how this affected me after years of suspended grief.

Jesus is my savior. He is love. Your music speaks of that love so beautifully and brings me to a place of worship and peace.

Keep doing what you're doing. This generation is in desperate need of love...the kind that comes from Him.

You are a blessing. Thank you.

Gina Ashley said...

Thanks so much for sharing. We, too, have marriages cracking and crumbling around us. And it's got a lot stirred up within. i appreciate these glimpses behind the music as they help me connect/identify even more.
It certainly encourages us to know that clear across the country is another family fighting for love and looking to Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Is thankful for Josh Garrels and his music

Rich D. said...

Thanks Josh.. Love needs to be redefined in our culture for sure.

My family and I all love your music because it brings the listener face to face with real love, the Fathers love.

God Bless you and your family. Keep shining as lights to a world in need.

Rich D. in Gig Harbor, WA

Philip Wood said...

It's easy to fall out of love with music as well as people. I'm a Christian who doesn't often fell out with Christian music a while ago. I earn my living writing and often find myself immersed in a world of words.

I've just been listening to 'Desert Father'. Sounds wonderful, even in the London rain. You restore my faith. Thanks. Shalom, Phil

Mitch said...

Maybe you should post the second episode ;o)

David Brown said...

Thank you Josh!

I imagine the winsomeness of Jesus as He marched back to Jerusalem knowing His time had come. And smiling sad. Ah! If you would have just turned I would have held you in my arms like a hen gathers her own! And He still marched on. Do you think He ever got a jingle in His step thinking of the joy set before Him? Man life is precious and good and He spread His hands wide and gave saying, "Lord forgive them (continually forgive them if you look at the Greek)". My body shutters at such love though don't you see it within? What gifts God has poured into our fragile, hostile though reconciled frames.

Joy and sorrow mingle together help me understand love. You mention the shadows as a help for us to see more clearly the beauty of love. That is true only while we love through the shadows. We cannot see through the darkness though we are not blind. Love beckons beyond. The shadows point us beyond. I praise God for leading you through. We pass from death to life and the world is no longer our home though do you not find the whole world within you? This kingdom has come and may our God let us know the Joy of opened eyes around us. Spies in a foreign land.

Peace to you Josh. He lives and lives and lives...

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