Friday, August 26, 2011

mayne island finale

at the end of the week of filming, josh & the other musicians put on a concert for the community of mayne island.  throughout our stay, various mayne islanders had hosted our shoots on their property, joined us as members of the chorus or audience for songs, or served us in some other way during our stay.  so it was a sweet final moment to give something back to them in this way.

it was one of my favorite josh garrels concerts ever!  he didn't feel like his voice was in top shape,  but i loved hearing all the songs they'd been playing together all week at one time.  it's not often he gets to play with such a talented ensemble as this.  plus, heron & shepherd got to join us for the show, dancing in the field, playing with trucks on an old quilt, picking blackberries at dusk.  oh, & it was my onstage debut, as we performed little blue together while heron sat on grandpa's lap.  the show was a great finale to an incredible week!

: matt & gabe on mallets :  

: the johnsons' niece, emily, joined the troop on stage with accordion :

heron ran up on stage during "beyond the blue"
& i decided to let her stay.
she led the audience in clapping!

: dan & jon sang "pallet on your floor" :
it was AWESOME!

(everyone really liked it)
: this is emma, sharon, & blayne johnson, our gracious hosts for the week :

(you can barely see, but that's matt, who cooked for us for the week, & mom & dad garrels, who joined us on the island for a few days, in this picture, too)

: the sisters : emma, georgia, & chantal johnson :


pureSunday said...

i really love your music and most definitely am loving all these photos that you have posted recently! definitely looking forward to the documentary! and i blogged about these updates too, hope that's ok :)


Danielle said...

We live in Victoria, BC and we just became aware of your music. So, SO bummed that we couldn't make it across to your show on Mayne Island. Any chance you'll make it back to Canada/Vancouver Island any time soon??? We'd come with friends!!!

Thank you so much for sharing your gift far and wide.

Angela L. said...

I echo Danielle's sentiments. So very bummed I didn't realize Josh and the Mason Jar Music team were up here in BC filming, til it was all over. (I've been checking the tour schedule faithfully since the new album was released in hopes of seeing a concert date up here but failed to check the blog over the summer).
After stumbling upon Josh's music on YouTube, I've been a devoted listener ever since - so very encouraged to see someone of faith also be excellent at his craft.
Hope we'll have the pleasure of seeing a concert up here in Vancouver, BC, soon. Love the album - can't imagine how good the music will be live.